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Alcotec 48 Hour Turbo Yeast

Alcotec 48

  • $8.00

Alcotec 48 Turbo Yeast is the best selling turbo yeast in the world. It is a state of the art formula based around a "pure" yeast strain which is temperature and high alcohol tolerant. With the unique precisely composed nutrition, containing the nitrogen source, pH regulator, trace minerals, vitamins and an antifoaming agent, it is the perfect yeast compound for creating a high alcohol wash. It has a "dual" use, you can either use it for 20% (21% in special circumstances) alcohol in 5-6 days, or 14% in 48 hours (hence the name). The alcohol level is simply determined by the amount of sugar you add at start. Alcotec 48 includes mineral absorbents for ultra purity. Comes in 135g sachets.

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