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Alcotec TurboKlar Clearing Agent

TurboKlar 24

  • $2.40

Alcotec TurboKlar 24 is a two-component fining agent for clearing yeast from a wash. This greatly adds to the quality of your distillate as live yeast cells will break open from the heat during distillation leaving bitterness and other off-flavors. Use of a clearing agent is an important step in the spirits making process that is often overlooked by hobby distillers resulting in poor quality spirits. Turbo Klar will normally clear anything in 24 hours although some particularly difficult turbo yeast washes such as those fromĀ a 24 hour turbo may require 48 hours (or use two packages). Comes in a dual sachet with total weight of 65g to clear up to 6.6 gallons (25L). Effective as competing products at twice the package size as it is of higher strength with less dilution.

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